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Performance Coatings

Performance coatings are specialized solutions that go beyond aesthetics, offering enhanced functionalities like superior durability, improved heat management, and reduced friction.

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Power Coatings

Powder coatings are dry, free-flowing powders applied electrostatically and then cured with heat or UV light. They eliminate the use of solvents, reducing environmental impact.

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DiamonDyze is a unique ceramic anodizing process developed by TechLine Coatings and offered by licensed applicators like Camcoat Performance Coatings.

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What people are saying about us

Excellent service, very friendly to speak with. Fast service and at a really affordable price. I Would highly recommend anyone to this company to anyone.

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I am highly impressed with the excellent communication and follow-up on the job. I had two exhaust downpipes ceramic coated both inside and outside in black.

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I had my mini's exhaust ceramic-coated with the full race treatment in black—3 coats outside and 1 coat inside. I've happily recommended this company on forums.

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